Sam Temple

Sam Temple is Astrid's boyfriend. They've had their ups and downs but they've always pulled through. In Light Astrid makes Sam promise to stay alive and that they will walk out of the FAYZ together. They argue a lot, but by Light they know they are in love and will always stay together. In the aftermath, Sam and Astrid live together in a house and ask Diana to move in with them.

Little Pete

Little Pete is Astrid's 5-year old severely autistic younger brother who at times becomes too troublesome for her. In Hunger he starts having weird dreams which come to life and eventually attack Sam and Astrid. The dreams were fueled by the Darkness. In Plague, she throws him to the bugs hoping the FAYZ will disappear. When he vanishes and the FAYZ is still around, she is left heartbroken and guilty. She is happy when in Fear, Pete returns even though she can't see him since she knows he has the power to stop the FAYZ.


  • In Fear, when Astrid meets Cigar en route to Perdido Beach and discovers that he can see and hear Little Pete. Cigar asks Astrid why does he (Little Pete) "say your hair screams? You're an angel with wings and shiny, shiny, and a long sword with flames..." Astrid's avatar bears remarkable similarity to the angel Uriel who is often depicted brandishing a fiery sword guarding the gates of Eden. Early in the novels Astrid was a deeply religious character who struggled with moral dilemmas. Astrid's faith is shaken to the core when she decides to sacrifice Little Pete to the Bugs. From that moment on she is guilt-ridden by her decision, and decides to give up her religious state. It is not surprising to find that Uriel, the angel closely resembling Astrid's avatar, is depicted as the Angel of Repentance.