• PublicityStunt

    Loves, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Get your lazy asses back on track.

    I went dormant for quite some time due to computer issues and in that time frame this wiki has gone to utter hell. It is absolutely ridiculous. Our pages are a ridiculous mess. Our home page looks like crap. Our navigational bar is unhelpful. It is just stupid. This all reflects very poorly on us and most importantly on Christine. This wiki is what makes people want to read After. Right now, it's a joke, so people assume the fanfiction is just as shitty as the wiki. But we all know it’s not. At all.

    I'm asking all of you to stop being such bums and to start editing your asses off. Make this place look good. I’m also tightening the reins. Profanity is now consid…

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Here are the five things that are happening:

    1. The wiki is getting a makeover
    2. Policies are getting stricter
    3. Admins are being chosen
    4. Mass page creation is in effect
    5. Publicity campaign are starting this July

    That's it for now. this was just a little heads up. Also if you want to be and admin you must create a blog post answering these 6 questions:

    1. How long have you been on this wiki?
    2. How many edits have you made?
    3. Have you been banned on any other wikis?
    4. Why do you want to be an admin?
    5. Prove that you have knowledge of the Gone Series.
    6. State how often you are on the wiki.
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  • Aeries Vholt

    Ray, FFWR does any of this seem familliar?

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  • Rosherruu

    The Posts Of Amends

    April 15, 2014 by Rosherruu

    why the fuck did i even write this

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Hello everyone! This is an extremely important wiki update & it's also the first one ever.

    Okay so first of all we are asking all of you guys to help find pictures for some of the characters in the fanfiction. We need pictures for..... 1)Drake Merwin (Cacasion, blue-eyed, dark haired) 2)Krewella Brokes (Cacasion, blue-eyed, black haired) 3)Cerie Jones (description in chapter two) 4) Romeo Merwin (8years old, cacasion, dark haired, blue-eyed) 5)Sadai Lynksys (cyborg, blondish, green-eyed, cacasion) Cacasion is a fancy word for they're white. Please try to find pictures for them. All of them are 17 except Romeo.

    Second, we are starting operation AWESOME WIKI. PHASE ONE- MAKE IT LOOK FANCY.

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  • Ray4403

    Responds to comments

    April 14, 2014 by Ray4403

    Hey guys. So I was bored and i decided to make a "Response to comments" thing just because. So thanks for making me feel welcomed. I was a little sceptical at first but A.V. said i need to be more social, so.... But i'm really glad i did because you all sound like awesome people. And PublicityStunt, I am i huge fan of doctor who. I even have my own miniture shrine, it's not creepy. and yes, i can be a little scary at times.... that's just how i am. To Fighting what's wright, you sound cool and yes, i think we could be friends ^-^. You made me feel really welcomed so thanks for that! well that's it, PEACE!

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  • Ray4403


    April 11, 2014 by Ray4403

    Hello peoples! I was told I had to introduce myself, so, here is goes.....

    I love dogs, HATE cats. I play guitar. I'm a whovian. I'm kind of tomboy-ish, and....... Oh! Ya, spell check hates me. I can't spell. The only reason you are able to understand this is because A.V. checked it over for me. So, that's it. K, see ya!

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Chapter Two Status

    April 11, 2014 by Aeries Vholt

    Okay so I only typed up half of chapter two yesterday, I'm super sorry. It was late last night. Now I'm going to type the end part tonight. I know some of you were pist so... Also we have a new edition to our Wikia Crew, DRUMROLL PLEASE.......Ray4403!!!!!! Say hi to her & unlike the rest of you I know her in real life. :) SAY TUNED FOR PART TWO


    I wrote this in math class

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  • Aeries Vholt




    PS betted that I couldn't finish the first chapter by the first of April. Now I get to beat him up! Chapter 1 is done, the wiki's coming together and PS is publicizing the fanfic like a madman. Well actually he is a madman. Anyway, here's the promo picture for AFTER. Enjoy the first chapter! ~A. V. ;)

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  • PublicityStunt

    A. V. are you aware of the fact that the chat is malfunctioning? Did you put in the correct code? Also while I am here I must inform you that I am NOT an admin yet. Also I have some very good images for Mysty Katani :)

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