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When the FAYZ started, Caine took advantage of it. He started by weeding out the kids he thought he couldn't trust, including Dekka, Brianna, and Taylor. He let Drake "plaster" these children, meaning that he encased their hands in blocks of cement, preventing them from using their powers. He then gathered the kids who he could trust and planned to take over the FAYZ.

Shortly after the start of the FAYZ, Caine and his supporters arrived in Perdido Beach. Caine made a charismatic but obviously rehearsed speech, then declared himself Mayor of the FAYZ.  At a meeting in a church, he used his telekinetic powers to make the Crucifix fly across the room and badly injure Cookie Glider, one of the town bullies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Caine has powerful telekinesis (4-bar). When he attacks it is like a giant invisible hand controlling you and you cannot do anything about it. He uses his power in several different ways. In Hunger, he used his abilities to help fix a broken wall, by making bricks float to the place so they could be cemented there. However, Caine mostly uses his powers for battle purposes. He can lift objects and hurl them, and can also lift people and throw them at walls. He could, simply, use his powers to hit someone from afar. If his powers have limits, then they are very large, because he is able to move very heavy objects such as the cross in the church, and bring a large bar of radioactive uranium through the bitterweed valley. His range is approximately 80 feet (20 meters), though this was measured with his powers being used to lift a person, so it might change depending on the weight. His power is measured as being four bars.

Murders Committed By Caine Edit

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*Unnamed children in Gone (novel) at the Battle of Perdido Beach

Quotes Edit

- "What ? It's true, I'm ambitious.[...] I'm not made to obey."- Caine, to Diana. (Plague)