Here's what's going on:

So I moved the fanfiction for now to wattpad. Make an account, read the fanfiction. Vote for it, give me your feedback, you know the drill. Here is the link:


I am now working on chapter 6. So far we have a whole slew of new characters and quite a few problems for our originals. Sam and the gang are in a serious crisis: trust this deranged Cerie or walk away and possibley let the world go to hell. Romeo is gearing up for another fight and Alligha is having spirit troubles. I wanna take a second and list all the new characters:

  • Inger
  • Cerie
  • Maia
  • Atikka
  • Stephanie
  • Sadai
  • Prince
  • Romeo
  • Marie
  • Alligha
  • Beth
  • Synna

I believe that's it for now. I will try to write up some profiles for these people. I will also try to upload some more original character profiles. Chapter 6 will be published by Monday the latest.