Hello everyone! This is an extremely important wiki update & it's also the first one ever.

Okay so first of all we are asking all of you guys to help find pictures for some of the characters in the fanfiction. We need pictures for..... 1)Drake Merwin (Cacasion, blue-eyed, dark haired) 2)Krewella Brokes (Cacasion, blue-eyed, black haired) 3)Cerie Jones (description in chapter two) 4) Romeo Merwin (8years old, cacasion, dark haired, blue-eyed) 5)Sadai Lynksys (cyborg, blondish, green-eyed, cacasion) Cacasion is a fancy word for they're white. Please try to find pictures for them. All of them are 17 except Romeo.

Second, we are starting operation AWESOME WIKI. PHASE ONE- MAKE IT LOOK FANCY.