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  • PublicityStunt

    Loves, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Get your lazy asses back on track.

    I went dormant for quite some time due to computer issues and in that time frame this wiki has gone to utter hell. It is absolutely ridiculous. Our pages are a ridiculous mess. Our home page looks like crap. Our navigational bar is unhelpful. It is just stupid. This all reflects very poorly on us and most importantly on Christine. This wiki is what makes people want to read After. Right now, it's a joke, so people assume the fanfiction is just as shitty as the wiki. But we all know it’s not. At all.

    I'm asking all of you to stop being such bums and to start editing your asses off. Make this place look good. I’m also tightening the reins. Profanity is now consid…

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  • PublicityStunt

    A. V. are you aware of the fact that the chat is malfunctioning? Did you put in the correct code? Also while I am here I must inform you that I am NOT an admin yet. Also I have some very good images for Mysty Katani :)

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