aka Sibrel

  • I live in a town
  • My occupation is messing stuff up.
  • I am human. I think.
  • Ray4403

    Responds to comments

    April 14, 2014 by Ray4403

    Hey guys. So I was bored and i decided to make a "Response to comments" thing just because. So thanks for making me feel welcomed. I was a little sceptical at first but A.V. said i need to be more social, so.... But i'm really glad i did because you all sound like awesome people. And PublicityStunt, I am i huge fan of doctor who. I even have my own miniture shrine, it's not creepy. and yes, i can be a little scary at times.... that's just how i am. To Fighting what's wright, you sound cool and yes, i think we could be friends ^-^. You made me feel really welcomed so thanks for that! well that's it, PEACE!

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  • Ray4403


    April 11, 2014 by Ray4403

    Hello peoples! I was told I had to introduce myself, so, here is goes.....

    I love dogs, HATE cats. I play guitar. I'm a whovian. I'm kind of tomboy-ish, and....... Oh! Ya, spell check hates me. I can't spell. The only reason you are able to understand this is because A.V. checked it over for me. So, that's it. K, see ya!

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